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The Image of My Mom

Me - like Mom  Mom 2

Today is the day after Easter and it is also my Mom’s birthday….she would’ve been 82.  Her name was Joan, that is my middle name, which is why I always use my middle initial  – to honor my mom, like a private personal tribute each time I sign my name.

I tried pin curling my hair recently and I realized how much I look like her after I put these images side by side. Do you agree?   hint: I am the one in the green sweater!;-)

I am her image in so many ways. I cook like her, keep house like her, create family memories, wrap all the Christmas gifts, do the bills, decorate for holidays, dye my food green on St. Patrick’s day, and I smile when I don’t want to say something mean.

She has been gone 28 years, and I have missed her every day since she left in March of 1988.  March was the month she was born and the month she died. March is a hard month for me.

I have too many words and memories inside my brain today to write them all, so I will think of my Mom as she is today, laughing and singing in the presence of God’s perfect love, with a new body that works perfectly and two feet that dance joyfully in Heaven.

The one thing I know for sure, when I leave this earth, I will join her in the dance and we will rejoice together in the reward of the Resurrection life we celebrated yesterday – Easter is about conquering death and the promise of eternal life in Christ…now there’s an image that can bring a smile to a sad heart!

Smile on Joan!Mom laughing

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